United Regions Van Lines is not your regular moving company. We were founded by a group of friends who wanted to hire movers but were disappointed by the choices available. Having experienced the negative side of moving services, they realized that there were millions of Americans who yearned for a better moving company every day. That was the beginning of United Regions Van Lines.
Our service made an immediate impact. Ordinary people just like you realized that they did not have to put up with sub-par service, broken items, and lost belongings. They also found that the stark difference in service did not have to cost an arm and a leg.

United Regions Van Lines prices fell well short of what the
premium companies charge for almost exactly the same service.
The overwhelming response from our customers was a huge motivational factor. We persevered through the tough times (as we still are) because of the support and kind words from individuals and families who have discovered the United Regions Van Lines difference for themselves. Speak to us today and see the difference for yourself.

Exceedingly professional, surprisingly affordable

United Regions Van Lines has built a reputation for being a small business that provides a premium level of service.
Hundreds of customers have attested to this and compared us to the biggest brands in business,
minus the huge price tag.

Among the suite of products and services we have won acclaim for are:

  • Complete A to Z packing
  • Complete waterproofing and shock proofing
  • Assembly and disassembly of furniture
  • Setup of electronics and appliances
  • White glove service to cover all the above

To further assist customers who are too swept up in the chaos of their move, United Regions Van Lines provides service
coordinators who will oversee, supervise and manage every aspect of the transition.
We place the strongest emphasis on security. Every item from the smallest to the largest is
protected by multiple layers of security, including video surveillance and biometric restrictions
where available. Our team is trained to identify threats before they arise to keep your belongings
secure at all times.
With this solid framework of services at your beck and call with every move, there is no better
moving option than United Regions Van Lines.

Why Choose Us

Over 25 Years of Experience

A company built on service where quality meets trust because every move matters

Premium Service

We specialize in Interstate household goods going across state lines

Door-to-Door Full Service

We offer a premium “white glove” experience as well as specialized packing services

Professionally Trained Crew

Company certified with minimum 2 years commercial experience

Licensed & Insured

DOT compliant & regulated