Best trusted moving company: United Regions Van Lines


Why You Need Professional Long Distance Movers

With a greater distance, a longer period of time is needed to transfer a consignment to its destination. This means a longer period on the road and that involves greater risks of unforeseen events such as

  • bad weather;
  • road closures;
  • route diversions;
  • vehicle breakdowns; and
  • mishaps

Jurisdiction rules may also differ as you are likely travelling across state lines.

Are you willing and able to contend with these complications on your own? It is even more complicated if you are travelling with family. The cost of fuel, food, and hotels along the way are one thing but the time away from work and sharing a cramped car space for an extended period of time are worse.

A professional moving company like United Regions Van Lines is your best option for a long distance move.

How We Can Help

We are not only familiar but experienced with all the complications that may arise. Our executive team plans the best route, and keeps up-to-date with local news so we are aware of the situation on the ground.

Most importantly, we have an experienced and well-trained team of movers and a proven security system to ensure that your belongings are always safe and secure.

Another important consideration for long distance moves is the effect of the lengthy journey on the items being transported. At United Regions Van Lines, we use high-quality packing materials as well as rigid packing boxes that offer the most support and protection for their contents.

Our expert team will pack everything you are moving in the best way. Rest assured that your precious keepsakes, fragile items and appliances will be kept as safe as possible throughout the journey.

Have any questions about your long-distance move? Contact us today and speak to our experienced team of moving professionals.

Best trusted moving company: United Regions Van Lines

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