Whether you are moving a home or an office, down the street or across the world, alone or with family, moving is difficult. That is especially true if you are not an experienced mover. Our expert team has put together this checklist to help you prepare for your move and stay on top of things, no matter the circumstances.


Preparation is key to any big plan and moving is no different. Beginning planning your move as soon as you know the details. Here is what you should focus on:

What do I Keep?

The more things you have, the more space and weight they consume. This adds to the cost of your move. It is the same even if you are putting items in storage – the more space you need, the higher the cost of storage rental.

Your options for things you don’t want to keep are to sell them, give them away, or to dispose of them. If you want to sell, advertise the item online early as it may take some time to get a buyer for the prices that you are asking.

If you are donating or disposing of items, you may need to pay for the items to be taken away. Dumping items in an unauthorized area may incur fines.

Old and new connections

Your power, water, internet, cable, and other connections should be deactivated on the day that you move. Non-essential services can, of course, be cut earlier. Also remember to activate the same connections at your new home on the day you move in.

You may need to contact your bank and credit card company to advise them of your move. This is especially important if you are moving interstate or to another country. Automated fraud detection protections may automatically decline transactions at a location far from your usual areas as they may be flagged as suspicious.

Make sure that the place where you are moving offers the same card facilities. Otherwise, you may need to get a new card or transfer your funds to a local bank there.

Call ahead to your real estate agent or landlord and update them of your ETA. This will help ensure that the keys and other documentation and information are ready, waiting for you when you arrive. Hand over the old keys to your landlord, real estate agent, or trusted third party to close off your old chapter.


If you are moving with children, make sure that not everything is sent via consignment. Young ones often need familiar toys and other small items to deal with the confusion and stress of moving. Identify those that they would like to keep close and pack it in your plane luggage or carry-on. Contact their old school as well as their new school to ensure that the relevant records have been transferred in time for them to begin their new life at the destination.

In the case of pets, get a full check-up at a vet the animals are comfortable with. Ask that vet for recommendations of vets near your new home.

Keep medical records, especially of allergies, medications and prescriptions handy. Have spares with you as things may go missing during the chaos of the move. Ask your doctor for recommendations of GPs and specialists near your new home, too.

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