A Complete Seniors Moving Package

United Regions Van Lines focuses extra care and attention on providing the best possible service to our customers who are senior citizens. We understand that this special group of people can find the process of moving unsettling, complicated, and confusing. Our approach is to coordinate seniors moving packages with additional courtesy and consideration for their unique needs.

Seniors Moving Simplified

We have come across virtually every possible scenario in which people move homes. In our experience, the most common reasons that seniors move is because they are:

  • Downsizing to a smaller home (retirement, departure of children, passing of a spouse)
  • Moving to live with family (aged care concerns)
  • Moving to an aged care facility (aged care concerns)

Regardless of the reason, most seniors have either seldom or rarely moved homes before. They are often especially worried about how they will cope with such a huge change. One of the main things that can help them adapt is having familiar possessions around them.

The most reassuring things are often photographs, furniture, clothes, showpieces, medals, and keepsakes. Many of these items are usually fragile and require extra care to be moved. We are well aware of this and only use the most experienced packers and movers for these jobs.

When you hire our team for a seniors move, we can provide:

  • Packing
  • Fragile care packing and handling
  • Rigid boxes for enhanced protection
  • Loading
  • Multiple destination delivery (separate homes and/or storage facilities)

Let s help you or your loved ones in this period of transition. Our team of moving professionals is always eager to help. Contact us today.

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